HongKong / Macau

Hongkong and Macau has free-visa policy for some countries in the world. You can check the countries list of free-visa for both of area. The person who wants to access mainland, Hong Kong and Macau during travelling, the visa or access card needed for all the area.  Check more details from the local Chinese Embassy. 



The “enter before” is the validity for the foreigners. You can access China before the date of “enter before”(including the ‘enter before’ date till 24:00 in Beijing local time ). The entries time can not be used after the enter before date if you did not use them all.

For example, if your visa entry before date is “19.10.2019” and entries is 2. You can enter into China before 19.10.2019 in any time for twice till 24:00 on 19.10.2019. After that visa is invalidate.


Entries is the time which visa holder can enter into China before the expire date. The unfinished entries can not be used after expire. The one with the invalidate visa will be refused entry.

Duration of each stay

Duration is the maximum days you can stay in China for each entry. The days are calculated from the first day you enter into China.

Example 1:

Q: I hold a single-entry visa with duration of stay of 30 days, and enter China on June 12. When is the last day I can stay in China lawfully permitted by the visa?

A: The last day is July 12 as the duration of stay is counted from June 13, the day after entry.


Example 2:

Q: I hold a single-entry visa for a stay up to 30 days and validity until June 12. If I enter China on June 12, the last day of validity, can I stay in China for 30 days thereafter? 

A: Yes.


After entry into China, a foreign citizen who needs to stay in China longer than the duration of stay permitted by the visa must apply for an extension of stay at a local public security bureau before the original permitted period of stay expires. This does not necessarily mean your application for an extension will be approved. The applicant shall bear any consequences arising from this situation.


Overstay in China violates the country’s laws and regulations on control of the entry and exit of foreigners, and could result in a fine or other penalty.