We are currently looking for full time/part time English natives who would like to join our team and teach our Chinese students not only English, but also 21st century skills: critical thinking, teamwork, communication etc.. We foster these competencies via lessons based on the STEAM curriculum and Challenge based learning, so it is a very interacting and engaged environment for both students and teachers.

For Full timers, our facilitators covers 40 hours per week with 20 teaching hours and the rest 20 hours (office hours for class prep and some demo classes for the parents coming to observe our class), 5 working days and 2 off days.

X School focuses more on social skills/21st century skills other than just English, where we as facilitators encourage to help the kids to learn and improve on their own using STEAM curriculum and Challenged based learning e.g give the kids a project / story line and let them follow the instructions.

Lesson plans, we always encourage the facilitators to pick up the key words from our R&D team who help with the lesson planning materials (more of a framework) and the teacher will collect and design her/his own class.

We also have our teacher training manager who will train you the basic structures of our program, e.g 3 days induction training and the real observation of the class like the X-Hi (older kids) in the lab classes – the real skills, you will have to observe on your own.

You will also have a local facilitator with you, co-teach as in she/he can assist you with the language (kids who are very young sometimes can be hard) and you both can work together and switch tasks so its quite efficient to work as a team.

Our School has X-kids (younger ones from 3-6 year olds e.g arts/drawings, crafting, reading/music/dancing etc) e.g counting numbers 1- 20 (math) and the older ones from 7-15 year old are more into technical skills eg in the lab class where they get to learn the laser wood cutting, how to make circuits, robotic programming, many other interesting things the kids can learn in terms of science/technology and arts, math. They improve through communication, problem solving skills and apply them in the real world.

Your Role

  • Effectively prepare all teaching resources for any classes based on the lesson plans
  • Teach 1-2hour group classes of 3-12 students
  • Provide a warm, high energy atmosphere when teaching
  • Complete the online assessment for each student
  • Meet with the parents for assessment reports and development planning
  • Manage the student center and upload photos and work from the students each week

Your Background

  • Native English speaker from US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland
  • Min. Bachelor degree required
  • 1-5 years’ teaching experience, preferably with children and young adolescents
  • A passion for fostering STEAM skills and creating an attractive learning environment
  • A good communicator within the team and to parents and other stakeholders
  • TESL/TKT, CPR, First Aid Training and a drama background are considered a plus

Your Compensation

  • An attractive and modern work environment in a beloved Beijing area
  • A competitive monthly salary package, depending on experience: min. 18K-24K RMB
  • Perks such as fully covered health insurance and other reimbursements
  • 10 paid holidays on top of public holidays
  • A fun and engaged team with room for further development

Your Next Steps

If you are qualified and interested, please email your detailed resume and a self-introduction video (1-2 minutes) to Mollee Recruitment Manager Holly. molleerecruit@gmail.com or contact her via twoteeth2 on WeChat.